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Latera Nasal Implant

The LATERA Absorbable Nasal Implant is designed to treat middle nasal valve collapse. Also referred to as vestibular stenosis.

Cottle Maneuver

Wondering if you are a candidate for Latera, try the Cottle Maneuver. Place two fingers on your cheek bone, press down and pull your cheek out towards your ear, so that your nose stretches a little. Not everyone will notice a difference. If you do, you may have middle nasal valve collapse. Latera and Vivaer, are both treatments for this condition, and our doctors can help you determine which is best for you.  

The LATERA Absorbable Nasal Implant is used to support upper and lower lateral cartilage in your nose. It is placed inside the side, or lateral, wall of the nose to support the cartilage. This reduces nasal airway obstruction symptoms and helps patients breathe better.

The LATERA implant is absorbed over a period of about 18 months.

Here’s What Happens During That Time:

Implantation: Implant integrity maintained while fibrous capsule forms.

Encapsulation: Post implantation, a fibrous capsule forms and the integrity of the implant is maintained through 12 months. Tissue encapsulation promotes acute implant stability and enables localized tissue response during the absorption process. Safety profile shows minimal inflammatory response and expected surrounding tissue reaction.

Remodeling: Capsule and fibrotic tissue remains as implant degrades and is absorbed. Collagen construct replaces implant at 24 months, to provide ongoing support.

What have patients experienced with the LATERA implant?

The LATERA implant showed significant quality of life improvement for nasal obstruction patients with lateral wall or nasal valve collapse, as measured by the NOSE survey.

While individual results may vary, LATERA implant patients saw the following improvements:

  • Reduced nasal congestion or stuffiness
  • Less trouble breathing through the nose
  • Less trouble sleeping
  • Improved ability to get enough air through the nose during exercise or exertion
  • Reduced nasal blockage or obstruction

Patients experienced a reduction in nasal obstruction symptoms of 57.7% at two years, as measured by the NOSE survey. Patients achieved these results without negative cosmetic effects. Additionally, during this study, Latera was the ONLY procedure performed to reduce nasal obstruction symptoms. In our office, Latera can be used as a stand-alone treatment, but it can also be used in combination with Septoplasty and inferior nasal turbinate resection to open the nose completely.  

Risks included temporary symptoms such as:

  • Awareness of the implant
  • Mild pain or irritation
  • Mild bruising and inflammation (uncommon)

Other extremely uncommon risks related to the LATERA implant included: infection, reaction to material, and device retrieval.

Will my appearance change?

Patients experienced no long-term adverse cosmetic changes with the LATERA implant.

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